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Friesian mare for sale

Are you looking for a stable where a Friesian mare is for sale? Stal Okkema offers you various mares and star mares. On our site you can see exactly which animals have been sold and which are still for sale. We also have stallions, geldings and foals. The Friesian mare is a suitable choice for various purposes. Thanks to her easygoing character and intelligence, she is very suitable for dressage. Friesian horses are also used for the carriage and in the past as a workhorse.

Our mares are completely Frisian

Our stable only sells the Frisian variety. And when a mare is for sale with us, you can always view the entire studbook. We think it is important that you are well informed.

With us, a mare always meets the characteristics that characterize these horses:

  • In terms of color, it is always black without markings with at most a small ball. Occasionally we have a rare brown mare.
  • The Friesian is very graceful, has a proud posture and a compact body.
  • Her head is fine and the ears are pointed and short.
  • Mares generally have powerful shoulders and relatively short legs.
  • Her mane and tail are full, wavy and soft.

Friese merrie te koop

Our five plus points

The mare for sale is central to us. We want the best for her and our other animals. For example, if you live abroad, we will arrange the complete export. In this way we ensure that the mare arrives healthy and safe. If necessary, we even travel with you. But there are even more reasons to choose us. We like to speak of five advantages:

  • We have more than 20 years of knowledge and experience
  • All of our staff are well trained and experienced
  • You will find an extensive selection of quality horses with us
  • We think along with you and want you as a customer to be satisfied
  • You will always receive proof of clinical examination of the Friesian mare
  • You can have an X-ray examination performed

What can we do for you?

If you would like to know more about the Frisian mares that are for sale with us, you can find more information on our website. Of course you can also contact us for other questions. This can be done by telephone on 058-2502556 or by email via our contact form. We will then send you a response as soon as possible about the animal for sale. It is good to know that you can always view the studbook and receive it when you buy it. You are also very welcome to get acquainted with the Friesian mare that we have for sale.