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Do you want to look for a Frisian stallion for sale at a reliable stable? Then think of Okkema Stables. We have been your experts when it comes to Friesian horses for more than 20 years. On our website you will find an overview of all foals, mares and stallions for sale. You can use this Frisian breed, for example, as a dressage horse. His easygoing character and beautiful appearance make him suitable for this. In our offer we have a number of award-winning stallions for sale. Have you become curious yet?

More than just sales

You will not only find a stallion for sale with us, but we can also supply you with a stallion. This is done in consultation, but it goes without saying that you can view the studbook in advance. You can find more information about this online. We can also help you with a stallion that is for sale while you live abroad. We then arrange the entire export for you and ensure that the Frisian stallion arrives at you safe and healthy. In addition, we always give advice without obligation and free of charge. Because we have more than 20 years of experience, we know everything about this horse species. We are happy to share that knowledge.

That’s why you buy from us

We put the welfare of the animals first. That is one of the reasons for choosing us. You can count on us to sell you a healthy stallion with the correct pedigree. Before the sale we always have a clinical examination carried out and you can choose to have an X-ray examination done. This way we can prove that our stallion is well cared for. We only work with qualified and loving personnel. In this way we give every animal a good basis. Thanks to this method, we have already been able to satisfy many customers. Are you next?

A real Frisian stallion

With us you can only buy a stallion that meets all the characteristics of the breed. We are always honest about this. The following applies to this ancient breed:

  • That they are black in color without markings
  • That mane and tail are full and wavy
  • That the height at the withers is between 1.55 and 1.70 m
  • That the ears are short and pointed
  • That the shoulders are strongly developed

Friese hengst te koop

Interested in our horses?

Are you interested in the Frisian stallions that we have for sale? Please visit our site for more information. Would you like to know more or would you like to visit us? Then please contact us. You can do this by telephone on 058-2502556. We also have a contact form on our site. If you fill this in, we will contact you. It is important to us that every horse is well cared for. That is why we are always there for you if you have any questions. We hope to hear from you about our Friesian stallion for sale or one of our other purebred horses.