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A Friesian horse with studbook

Looking for KFPS horses? Then we at Stal Okkema are happy to assist you. With us you will find various horses that are registered with the KFPS (the Royal Association “Het Friesche Paarden-Stamboek”). This is the oldest horse studbook in the Netherlands and manages the interests of this horse breed. This association carefully registers this horse species. When you purchase a Friesian horse with a studbook, you can therefore be sure that this animal is purebred. All our animals are in the possession of a studbook. So whether you are looking for a foal, mare, stallion or gelding, with us you are assured of a real Friesian horse.

KFPS paarden

What do they pay attention to in KFPS horses?

To be included in the KFPS, the horses must meet certain conditions. For example, a foal may only be inspected when it is at least 6 weeks old. The horses must also be inspected once per calendar year. Multiple judging is allowed, but only the first result counts. To be registered with the KFPS, attention is paid to:

  • The height, this must be at least 1.54 meters in mares and 1.56 meters in star mares. Stallions are 1.56 meters and star stallions 1.58 meters
  • The color of the animal should be jet black. Markings are also not desirable. In some cases this is allowed, for example a col
  • The animal has blue hooves
  • Long, wavy mane and tail
  • Short and strong legs

How can we help you?

With us you are not only at the right place for the purchase of KFPS horses. We also offer you various other services. You can contact us for:

  • For us, the wellbeing of our horses is our top priority. We are therefore happy to provide you with free and appropriate advice about this variety.
  • With us you will also find Frisian stallions that are included in the KFPS. Would you like to breed with our stallion? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • We can also help with the export of your horse. In doing so, we naturally adhere to the rules in the field of health and safety.

Ask? Please contact us

Would you like more information about our horses? Or do you have a question about the KFPS? Then we are happy to assist you. You can fill in the contact form on our website right away. As soon as we have received this from you, we will contact you. Would you rather speak to one of our employees personally? Then you can also contact us by telephone by calling 058-2502556. We at Stal Okkema are your address for KFPS horses.