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May 2019 – Competition successes Wendy Okkema

Wendy Okkema is very active in dressage and, in addition to her own horse, also takes many trade horses to competitions.
Nowadays, many more people want to buy a horse that has some experience in competitions, to see how they behave when they are away from home and whether they have a talent for dressage.

This month Wendy Okkema started 9 horses in 1 weekend.
Written by the Amazon herself:

Friday, at Boazum:
Picard (Thorben) showed very nice parts with the running-in, but he could do a little more during the test, but he did win a nice win in the Z1.
Werner (Michiel) shows nice progression in the L2 and got big profit points.
Thijs (Alke) had his M1 debut and scored a nice profit point.
Rudmer (Michiel) achieved a super score in the class Z1 of 241 and 223 and became 2x first! ?

Saturday Ermelo :
Not my day, I drove wrong on the way to Ermelo and arrived 25 minutes before the start time. Being able to ride super fast saddling for a very short time Stal Okkema’s Eos (Olgert) nevertheless achieved a very nice score of over 68% in the PSG and finished 3rd.

Showing 2 beautiful courses together with Lisanne Veenje.
First it was Eos and Wirdmer.
There was only 9 minutes between the küren and this caused some stress, so we start in mirror image and that is difficult to drive. With a nice score of over 69% we became 2nd
Very quickly Michael 442 and Zen stepped into the track without running in, horses ran great, only we got into a mess with the lines ourselves. With a nice percentage of over 67% we became 3rd

Sunday Boazum:
Topspeed Friesians Kaspar (Orlov x Fries) started ZZ Licht for the 2nd time. He scored 239 and 220.5 and was thus 2x 2nd prize
Freeze (Epke) had his M1 debut and scored 2 big profit points.
Finally Twix (Maurits) in the class M1 he obtained 198 and 193 points and a 3rd and 4th prize

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