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Bauke is an appealing, generous gelding with a very friendly character. Bauke is a horse with a lot of experience. He has competed in L2 dressage and has also performed very well in harness sport. He is, among other things, the 3-leaf clover champion. We are now training Bauke for the sports predicate and he will soon make his debut in the Z1 level.

Bauke is a correctly built horse. He has a good topline, beautiful neck and an appealing head. Bauke can move well with a lot of shoulder freedom and a strong hind leg. Bauke is a very reliable horse, he is not easily surprised by anything. He is also super good for the carriage, he doesn’t care about traffic and is easy to work with. Bauke is friendly to other horses and very easy to handle. He is the perfect horse for some one that wants to do dressage but also very suitable for trail rides!


Descendant: Fabe 348 x Doaitsen 420
Date of birth: 01-06-2016
Height: 1.67m
X-ray approved: Ja