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Falco is a very sweet, relieable gelding of 6 years old. He has a great character. He has a very good paper and is a close family member of the studbookstallion Jehannes 484. Falco his mother is star and then you already have the star preferent prestatie mother of Jehannes which is Falco his grandmother. Before her there is another star preferent mare. 

Falco is a reliable horse with 3 nice gaits. He is used to a lot and likes to work. Falco is good behaving under the saddle and show potential for the (higher) dressage! Falco went also to the forest and he absolutly loved it, and he is super safe in traffic. Next to riding he is also driven for the carriage in single, double, four in hand, six in hand and eight in hand!! He does everything with a great mentality! Falco fits all types of riders/drivers because of his lovely character.

A dream horse for every Friesian horse lover! 


Descendant: Nane 492 x Olof 315
Date of birth: 30-03-2017
Height: 1.64m
X-ray approved: Ja