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Farga is a sweet gelding with a reliable character. He is the first one to come when you go to the field. Farga is well built and has a very affectionate character. Farga is very nice to ride under saddle. Nice and light in de mouth and easy on the leg aids.
He is also trained a lot in front of the carriage in single, double and four in hand.
He attended in a horse marathon which he really likes! We bred Farga ourselves and he is the brother of the approved barock pinto stallion Floid. He is super sweet to be around and also with other horses.

This year he participated in the Barrel Race in Driezum. He also participated in the Open Musical Chairs (withouth saddle) with Rianne Okkema and they won! Here too he was as reliable as he always is. Anne rides marathons with horses with Olov blood, just like Farga. These horses are known for the combination of the down-to-earth character of a Frisian and the endurance of the Orlov. Farga is 50% Frisian, 25% Orlov and 25% Barock Pinto

He is a very nice family horse with a golden character, a friend for life!


Descendant: Topspeed Jesse van Knedo
Date of birth: 26-05-2015
Height: 1.65m