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Ferdinand is a beautiful star stallion. Ferdinand has a very pretty head, is strongly build and has the sweetest expression. As a 3-year old Ferdinand went to the ‘Voorrijdagen’ which is the round before the 70 day test. Ferdinand his mother is a starmare of Harmen, his grandmother is star. Ferdinand is an offspring of our beloved Michiel 442. Ferdinand competes succesfully in the Z1 dressage. He went to the Dutch Championship for Friesian Horses in the M2 and Z1 level, the European Championship for Friesian Horses as a 4-year old the Dutch Championships in the M2 and you can go on and on. A big list of acievements for this young horse!

Ferdinand is a very sweet and reliable horse. He is always trying his very best. A kid can ride on Ferdinand! Ferdinand is very safe at another place, you can always trust him. Ferdinand is very easy to ride, he already does a flying change and has a lot of talent for piaffe and passage. Ferdinand is also driven for carriage in single, double and four in hand and went to the stallion show last year with two other offsprings of Michiel and Michiel himself for a show.

Ferdinand is very safe in traffic and a real friend for life! Ferdinand is approved at the Barock Pinto studbook

Ferdinand *Sport*

Descendant: Michiel 442 x Harmen 424
Date of birth: 04-06-2017
Height: 1.64m
X-ray approved: Ja