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Hienske is a beautiful large-framed gelding with good papers. Hienske comes from the tribe 102. His mother is Ster Preferent, his grandmother is Ster, great-grandmother Ster Preferent and great-grandmother Model Preferent.

Hienske himself is a sweet horse with a nice character. He is sweet to handle and easy with other horses. Hienske is nice to ride under the saddle, and trained on L level. He goes also in frotn of the carriage in single, double and four in hand. Very nice workwilling horse that gives you a good feeling when you ride or drive him. Hienske is well behaved in the traffic and loves trail rides!


Descendant: Menne 496 x Doaitsen 420
Date of birth: 01-06-2018
Height: 1.68m
X-ray approved: Ja