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Iente is a very appealing stallion with a pleasant character.
Iente comes from tribe 117 and has good papers. His mother and grandmother are star, followed by a ster preferent mare. He is very easy to handle, he is well behaved and is super good with brushing and shaving. Iente is nice to ride under the saddle, light in the mouth and good on the leg aids. He has a eager to learn and always does his best. We are training nicely and will soon be able to ride an L test. Iente is a really nice dressage horse because he keeps walking and has a nice attitude. Iente has also been driven in front of the carriage in single, double and four-in-hand, and he is also very good in the heavy traffic.

A really nice collaborating stallion who can make someone happy for many years to come.


Descendant: Julius 486 x Tsjalle 454
Date of birth: 24-04-2018
Height: 1.66m