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Jakkelien is a real family horse! She is very social with other horses, currently she is in the field with 5 other horses. Jakkelien is easy to ride under saddle, light in the mouth and responds well to the leg aids. She always behaves very well at the farrier and dentist.

Jakkelien is also familiar with the heavy traffic. She is not easily surprised by anything.  She is also driven for the carriage in single, double and four-in-hand. You can put her anywhere.
She shows no mare behaviour at all!!

On July 28, 2023 she went to a competition where she showed barrel racing and musical chairs (without a saddle). She really like this, as well as she loves to go for trail rides!

Jakkelien is due on May 3, 2024 from Wibout 511


Descendant: Wimer 461 x Onne 376
Date of birth: 25-06-2019
Height: 1.60m