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Jancko is a sweet 4 year old gelding. He can move well and is good in handling. He has an appealing head with a clear eye. Jancko can trot well with good use of the hind leg. He is sweet to deal with and always stands still when saddling up, but he also behaves very well with the farrier and dentist. Under the saddle he is good on the leg aids and likes to work with you. The canter is still a bit green, but we already see improvement in this. He just needs to get some strength in this.

We took him to the forrest for a weekend. We spent 3 wonderful days here in beautiful surroundings. Jancko really was a perfect horse for this. He was very sweet with the other horses and always stood still with grooming and saddling. He was also nice and relaxed on the trail rides, both at the front and at the back of the group. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy a horse that enjoys this itself.

Despite his age, he is suitable as a family horse because of his fine character. But also under the saddle or in front of the car, he can certainly participate in competitions because of his quality movements!


Descendant: Jurre 495 x Tsjerk 328
Date of birth: 26-03-2019
Height: 1.63m
X-ray approved: Ja