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Jarco is a real eyecatcher. He has a beautiful expressive head with very friendly eyes. Jarco comes from the well-known ‘fan Berltsum’ breedingline. This breedingline also produces the stallion Doeke van Berltsum, who successfully competes in Grand Prix dressage. Jarco comes from tribe 36 and has a full paper. His mother is ster preferent, grandmother ster preferent performance, great-grandmother ster preferent and then another ster preferent mare. All in all, a good breeding (sports)line.

Jarco is a very sweet stallion. He is easy to handle with brushing, shaving, saddling, washing, etc. Jarco has a good foundation under the saddle and is very nice to ride, everyone can ride him because of his cool character! Even at different areas he is good behaving. Besides dressage Jarco is also trained for the carriage in single, double and four in hand.

He is functionally built and has a nice print in every gait. He has a uphill front, correct leg positions and a good topline. Jarco can move well and will undoubtedly become a great family/sport horse.


Descendant: Tymen 503 x Onne 376
Date of birth: 12-04-2019
Height: 1.65m
X-ray approved: Ja