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L-Rey is a very kind, sweet young stargelding. L-Rey is from line 97 and has a full paper. As a foal he already got a first premium. This year he became star. The judges gave as comment that they were supprised by a very nice trot. L-Rey his sister Wieke got a first premium as well as a foal and is a starmare now. L-Rey his little brother Mimi got a first premium as well as a foal. L-Rey has a very kind expression in his head. He has a good walk and has trot with a lot of soupleness and swing. 

Under the saddle he’s learning very fast. He has an easy character. L-rey absolutly loves trail and forest rides! He is not spooky at all and very safe in the heavy traffic. 100% suitable for a novice rider because of his cool character. At the moment we are training him on L level dressage. But he also goes in front of the carriage in single, double and four in hand. L-rey is the perfect schooling horse, next to our horses that we brake in. Definitly a super horse for a loving family that loves to do trail rides or go on competition!


Descendant: Jouwe 485 x Doaitsen 420
Date of birth: 27-04-2019
Height: 1.67m
X-ray approved: Ja