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Mayke has a nice full paper, her mother and grandmother are star, then a star preferent mare with 9 star offsprings which makes her crown-juwel. Next there is a model preferent mare. We had Mayke her big brother as well, he was also a very sweet and nice horse. The studbookstallion Jisse 433 is also from this line.
There is also a lot of sportblood in her motherline.
Mayke has a beautiful head, already a lot of manes and a nice appealing upperline.
Under the saddle she is really nice to ride. Good on the leg aids and very nice and light in the mouth.
Is not spooky at all, so suitable for any rider!

Mayke is in foal of Wibout 511 and is due on 6-5-2024.


Descendant: Jehannes 484 x Jense 432
Date of birth: 28-03-2020
Height: 1.65m