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Tjardo is a very sympatical gelding with a good character. Tjardo is from motherline 219 and has a good paper. His mother Tjalda K is Star AA, his grandmother is Star, great grandmother Preferent and his great great grandmother is Star.
Tjardo  competed at B level dressage and is a very nice horse for the sport. Tjardo is correctly built, he has a nice head, good upperline and good legwork.

Tjardo is a very good moving horse, his walk is with space, his trot is active with a very nice frontleg. Tjardo is lovely to ride, he is very soft in the hand and is a nice appearance. Also under the saddle he has a very nice frontleg in trot. Tjardo gives a trustworthy feeling and has a very sweet charcter. He is easy around other horses and good behaving with brushing, clipping, washing, braiding and so on. Tjardo is also driven for carriage and safe in traffic.


Descendant: Jerke 434 x Beart 411
Date of birth: 29-04-2014
Height: 1.67m