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Tjitze is a very sweet and beautiful star stallion. He has a very sweet character and has a very easy character. Tjitze competes ZZ light under the saddle and has already 4 winning points. This eye-catcher is very nice to ride, responds well to the leg and likes to work for you. He is very well behaved at other places. Tjitze has a very strong trot with a good use of the hind leg. He is well trained, so anyone can ride him even if you are a beginning rider. He also gets trained for carriage in single, double and four-in-hand.
Tjitze has little to no stallion behavior but can of course be castrated.

He comes from motherline 110, his mother is a starmare from Tsjalke, then a star mare from Olrik and then another star mare from Reitse. Next there is a star preferent mare with seven star offsprings!

Tjitze is a super sweet and reliable star stallion and a real schoolmaster for the high dressage, also for the beginning rider

Tjitze *Sport*

Descendant: Aarnold 471 x Tsjalke 397
Date of birth: 14-03-2014
Height: 1.68m
X-ray approved: Ja