Two Tone

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Two Tone is a beautifully marked Appaloosa gelding. He stands out because of its brown roan leopard color.
Two Tone is a beautifully built horse with a expressive head and a lot of neck length.
The jury gave nice comments about a powerful and spacious walk but also a powerful trot with a lot of flexibility and space. The canter has a lot of impulsion and lift. He went through the track with flair.

Movement: 8.0
Exterior: 7.5

Two Tone has been well trained by professional people, both under saddle and in front of the carriage.
In front of the carriage he does everything you ask of him, even in heavy traffic without blinkers is no problem for him, just like under saddle he is a really nice horse.
Two Tone has also competed dressage under the saddle in the L level.

Two Tone

Descendant: Peru's Yismerai x Don Ruto
Date of birth: 15-07-2018
Height: 1.63m
X-ray approved: Ja