Home Sale Star gelding Wesley

Wesley is a very nice horse. Wesley is an offspring of Fonger 478 from motherline 70. He has a nice full paper with first two star preferent mares and next a model preferent mare. There is a lot of sportblood in his motherline. Wesley is L2 level dressage himself. Wesley has a lovely character. He is very sweet and he loves attention. He’s very good behaving with grooming. 

Wesley is a very good moving horse. He has a very good walk, trot and canter. He has a strong use of the hindleg. A very correct horse with a very nice, little head. Wesley has a lot of swing and schoulder freedom in trot. Under the saddle is Wesley awake, but good behaving. He is a nice horse to ride. He is very good in leg yielding. We are training him at Z level now, towards his sport predicate, where he shows the potential for. Wesley competed this summer two times in what we call ‘tuigen onder het zadel’. He did this very well and behame 4th and 3th and was very good behaving. (Look at the pictures and the 3th and 5th video from above)

Wesley is the sweetest horse ever at places he doesn’t know yet. Next to that he is an amazing carriage horse. He loves to be in front of the carriage.  He’s supple, listens very well and has a great working attitude. He’s safe in traffic. 


Descendant: Fonger 478 x Leffert 306
Date of birth: 23-04-2015
Height: 1.65m
X-ray approved: Ja