Yeske *Sport-Elite*

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Yeske is a gorgeous stallion with years of competition experience. Yeske got a first premium as a foal and has a nice full paper. His mother and grandmother are star, next there are two star preferent with both seven star offsprings.

Yeske is a very talented horse. When he was only six years old he already became Sport and last year he became Sport-Elite. He already competed at small tour level. Yeske is a real schoolmaster, he is very nice to ride, very soft in the mouth and directly responds when you ask something from him. Yeske has a lot of talent for piaffe and passage and is very good in the pirouettes. Yeske is good behaving in traffic and likes to work for carriage. Yeske is good behaving but can be castrated here if requested

Yeske *Sport-Elite*

Descendant: Michiel 442 x Beart 411
Date of birth: 05-06-2015
Height: 1.71m
X-ray approved: Ja